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At this time, Soaps and Potions is on a hiatus. Between working full-time and being in school and three kids, Barbara doesn’t have time to make soap. She hopes to get back to it soon and will let her customers know when she is back in business. It was a very hard decision to make.  At this point, after her accident this summer, with her broken right hand and broken left elbow, it will likely be a while before she can make soap again … though the kids are whining as we are out of  their favorite soaps!

Brightest blessings to all.

Soaps and Potions is undergoing some changes. I hope to get the site updated this weekend with some new soaps (pictures are not ready yet, however) as well as removing some soaps and products.

I love making all the different products I make. Time is a scarce commodity, however, between working full-time, two kids still at home and going to school myself. Some things will need to take a back seat. Some will go on hiatus for now and others will be special order and/or seasonal only. This will keep me sane and will keep me from putting up the shutters. I hope you all will understand and will take advantage of the things you like that are seasonal when they are available.

Thank you for visiting! We are glad you stopped by to take a look at our products. All of our products are handmade by members of our family. We specialize in handmade body care products that will leave you and your loved ones feeling pampered and truly special.

~Affordable Luxury~

We say that our products are an “affordable luxury”. Why do we say this when soap is a daily, even hourly, necessity? We say this because our soaps are a wonderful treat for your senses. They are beautiful to look at, a treat to your sense of smell and they feel great on your skin. I can’t use anything else anymore … when I must because of circumstances (such as being in a public restroom) … my nose and skin just hate it! I rush to use some of our lotion as soon as I can. I even take soaps to places I frequent and leave a piece there … such as church. Even though soap is a necessity, it is wonderful to feel pampered when you may not have taken care of yourself very well during the rest of the day. I know as a busy mom, sometimes my needs are last on my list … with our soaps and potions in your house, you can be sure that you will get a bit of pampering each time you reach for the soap.

Our soaps are all vegetarian with most of them being vegan. We never use lard or tallow in our soaps; instead, we use a variety of wonderful vegetable oils and butters. We do not use soy products, such as soybean oil or soy wax in our products due to the prevalence of allergies that many of our customers face. We also *never* use peanut oil, either. Beeswax is in most of our balms and solid lotion bars. We have used heavy cream or goatsmilk in a couple of our soaps … but they are well-labeled so you will know before purchasing that these ingredients are included in the recipe. Honey is also used sparingly – currently only in one soap.

~Keep Updated on our Specials and Products~

If you would like to be notified when new products are added, please subscribe to our newsletter. There will be monthly drawings for a free bar of soap! There will be no more than one newsletter per week and, realistically, it will be probably only be a couple of times a month!

2009 – 10 – October

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