Our jars and bottles have pressure-sensitive seals as well as our jars and tubes having shrink wrap. The jars have a zippered side to them — just peel and the wrapping comes off. Our roll-on perfumes and lip balm tubes have perforations so you can zip down the side of the cap to just below the cap, keeping the shrink wrap on the tube itself. We love them!

We aim to pamper you each step of the way, whether the item is a gift for someone you love or for yourself. Our soaps are packaged in boxes, keeping them clean and ready to pack on a moments notice. We will be phasing in new boxes as the year moves on ~~ these will have a small cut-out so you can easily smell the soap inside of the box. We have to use up our old boxes first!

Our products are shipped with packing peanuts to help prevent damage. Since I hate digging through them for small things (and have even not seen free gifts from my suppliers until I went to use the last of their packing peanuts months later!), we now place all small items, such as lip balms and roll-on perfumes, in zippered baggies making it easier for you to find them when you get your package.

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